So you want to Sell Your Business?

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Sell your business!

We offer various packages to guide you step by step through preparing your business for sale, advertising your business for sale and how to sell your business to your ideal buyer with our M&A Masterclass® using our DATING™ system, where I work with you to;


  • Create your deal team
  • Increase your Enterprise Value
  • Attract the right buyer
  • Advertise your business for sale
  • Negotiate the deal
  • Prepare for Buyer due diligence
  • Successfully get the deal completed
  • Move onto your next adventure!

We've been there....

We understand the massive decision you have just made to sell your business.  First of all, let’s celebrate your amazing achievement in running a successful business so far!

We get it, we’ve been through it and we’ve helped 100’s of other Entrepreneurs to sell their businesses too!

We know for some it’s strategic and they want to sell part or all of their business to focus on other ventures and for some it’s time to retire and embark on new adventures!

We know most business owners only sell a business once in their lifetime so you are not expected to know what happens, what is involved and what you need to do to prepare your business for sale.

That’s where we come in….

We help women in business, female founded companies, franchisee’s and entrepreneurs to achieve a successful sale of their business.

What do we offer?

The essential support you need to buy or sell a business successfully!

Why you should use our packages?

We reduce the overwhelm and increase your chance of success…


We guide you step by step through the whole business sale journey so that you are supported by an expert.  It’s why we are different as you and your business are important to us


We have tested and trademarked our DATING™ system so that we can help entrepreneurs, like you, feel confident when selling your business to your ideal buyer


We have over 10 years of experience in buying and selling businesses and have acquired and sold over £250m of deal value for clients of all sizes and different industries


Our packages provide you with all the essential templates and resources, the knowledge and the support you need to sell your business successfully, from advertise it yourself to our VIP Package

Where do I start?

I would recommend that we start with a FREE, confidential, no obligation conversation so that I can get to know you and your business requirements.

I can offer the benefit of my experience to recommend the best way for you to achieve a successful sale of your business.

You can book this at your convenience here.

Afterwards, I will send you a summary of our call and suggested next steps.

Why are you different to a broker?

A broker will package your business for sale in order to match your opportunity to their database of potential buyers.

They will charge you a percentage of your sale value to do this.

I believe that you can sell your business more successfully and with less overwhelm by understanding how to sell a business before you start the journey.

By understanding exactly what a buyer looks for before you intend to sell, you can put plans in place to ensure you achieve the maximum return on your investment when you are ready to go to market.

You need an experienced mentor through the sales process and you need support through the pre and post sale transition.

Want to learn more? Book a FREE no obligation discovery call here.

Do you sell my business for me?

It would be impossible for anybody other than you, as the business owner, to sell your business.

You know all the details of your business history, your team, your clients and your suppliers.

But we do offer packages to suit your requirements, to support you step by step through the process and you can advertise your business for sale with us too.

You can find more details about our packages here.

Why do some deals fail?

It is very common for the sale of a business to fall through. 

This is usually caused by;

Deal fatigue – where the seller wasn’t prepared to sell their business while continuing to run their business day to day

Too many risks – when a buyer carries out due diligence and there are too many risks in the business to mitigate or overcome

Mismatch – where the outcome of the sale or purchase are misaligned and the buyer and seller do not share the same core values for the future of the business

Inadequate planning – the most important part of a successful sale or purchase is the post completion plan.  This will allow you to combine cultures, retain the team, manage change and keep the clients and value you have acquired.

If you want to learn how to sell your business successfully, consider signing up to our M&A Masterclass for Sellers.

How to measure success in M&A?

There are 4 key identifiers to measure a successful M&A deal post completion.

Retention – When you have successfully retained clients and customers.

Culture – When you have combined two or more organisations into one positive and effective culture.

Synergies – When you have been able to benefit from economies of scale and planned savings.

Value – When the overall enterprise value of the acquiring company has increased.

Interested in preparing an Acquisitions Strategy for your business?  Book a free discovery call.

Looking for a business for sale?

You have come to the right place as we have some really special business for sale opportunities just for you.  We take finding the perfect match for our buyers and sellers really seriously which is why we work with both sides to ensure you have both got the same set of core values and vision for the future of each business.

You can find our current available businesses for sale on the link below.