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Although Entrepreneurs know how to run a business they are not expected to know how the process of buying a business works too.  That’s where The Scale Up Hub steps in….

Buying a business allows you to acquire a proven business model, gain easier access to loans and financing, acquire an extremely valuable team that knows how the business operates and aligns with your strategic goals, inherit an established client base and seek financial and operational opportunities to increase your enterprise value.

It is therefore fundamental that you carry out the due diligence, legals and integration phase with an expert who can ensure a successful transition from seller to buyer.

You can learn our DATING™ system to launch a successful business acquisitions strategy by signing up to The M&A Masterclass® for Buyers that ensures;

♥ You understand the business purchase process before you start your scale up strategy

♥ You prepare your deal team in order to capture risks during the due diligence process

♥ You stay in control of the deal through to completion

♥ You target sellers that fit your strategic goals

♥ You successfully integrate the business and manage change effectively into one positive culture

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Tuesday 20th April 2021

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