Wouldn’t be amazing if you had access to your own Acquisitions Angel to guide you through selling your business using our DATING™ system


Are you ready to exit your business?


You have fallen out of love with your business


You struggle to keep up with industry changes


You can't find investment for further growth


You're ready for a change of lifestyle


You're ready for a new adventure


Sell Your Busines


We guide you step by step through selling your business so you can achieve a successful sale to your ideal buyer, reducing overwhelm and leaving you feeling prepared.

I’m Emma and I have helped over 200 Entrepreneurs to buy and sell businesses with a combined deal value of over £250m ….

This means I understand exactly how you are feeling, I know your concerns and I know exactly what you need to do sell your business.

That’s over 200:

♥ businesses that were able to continue to grow and help their customers

♥ life transformations where the seller was able to move onto the next phase of their life

♥ £250m of revenue that I have bolted on to existing businesses 



to achieve a successful sale of your business for Entrepreneurs who are struggling to know where to start but want to achieve the best return on their investment when they sell


Your business is an asset that you have taken through the scale up phase and now you are ready to implement your succession plan.

Our system teaches you exactly how a buyer will assess your business before you sell it, so that you can ensure you mitigate any risks and maximise any opportunities to increase the Enterprise Value of your Business in readiness for negotation with a potential buyer of your business.

 We focus on 9 strategies that can improve what your business is worth.


You have worked really hard to develop, launch and grow your business.  You have been through the sleepless nights, made the sacrifices, experienced the struggle to build relationships with your ideal clients and the fight to gain and retain your market share.

So you wouldn’t want to pass your business into the hands of any old try-er, do-er or have a go-er!

Our system teaches you our perfect match targeting process to indentify your ideal buyer!



A business owner will only usually sell a business once in their lifetime, so you are not expected to know how the process of selling a business works.

However, this often results in overwhelm during the process, because you dont understand what a buyer is looking for before taking your business to market and the warranties and indemnities and post completion liabilities that you could be left with after a sale.  The due diligence process is lengthy and time consuming and you will feel a range of emotions as you go through the business sale journey if you are unprepared.


The  12 module online Sellers Masterclass package that guides through selling your business using an easy to understand step by step system to ensure you achieve a successful exit using our tried and tested DATING™ system to sell your business.  Here’s what we cover:

Setting up your deal team

We identify and pull together your team of superstar subject matter experts to help you sell your business


Analysing your business

We perform a full analysis of your business to identify any risk areas that a buyer may identify and create an improvement plan to mitigate these risks before you go to market

Identifying your ideal Buyers

We cover how to identify your ideal buyer and the methods that you can implement to target them as potential buyers of your business

Your business for sale

We get you and your deal team to prepare all the material you will need in order to take your business to market and how to manage potential enquiries

Negotiating with a buyer

We talk about all of the key points that a buyer will negotiate with you on and show you the process to follow and what documentation to ask for and use to consider the buyers

Getting to completion - The Legal Process

We cover the key documents that may be needed during the legal process and the important clauses to consider

Getting to completion - Legal Due Diligence

We go through the  legal questions that a Buyer is likely to ask and the information and risks that they are looking for in your responses

Getting to completion - Financial Due Diligence

We go through the financial questions that a Buyer is likely to ask and the information and risks that they are looking for in your responses

Getting to completion - Operational Due Diligence

We go through the operational questions that a Buyer is likely to ask and the information and risks that they are looking for in your responses

What happens at completion

We talk through what happens in the lead up to completion and what happens on completion day and the checklist of documents you might be expected to provide

The Handover Process and Managing Change

We cover the handover process and how to ensure you and your team goes through the period of change feeling supported and informed

The Next Chapter

We celebrate your success but talk about the transition from being a full time business owner or how a change of direction or lifestyle can impact you and ways you can ease the transition



Only 20% of listings on sell it yourself websites actually sell.  Don’t be one of the 80%.

♥ You understand the business sale process before you take your business to market

♥ You prepare your business for sale and get everything ready for due diligence in order to reduce overwhelm during the legal process

♥ You stay in control of your liabilities so you don’t agree to anything that could  impact you after a sale

♥ You don’t need to give a percentage of your sale value to a business broker

♥ You successfully sell your business for it’s maximum value

WHat does it cost?

Are you ready to increase the chances of selling your business supported by Emma using our proven system.


£397 x 6 payments

You can spread the cost over 6 months if you prefer.


  • Includes the Sellers Checklist (worth £27)

  • Includes the full library of templates you need to sell your business (worth £500)

  • Includes weekly live Q&A sessions with Emma (Priceless!)



You can save £385 by paying in full.



  • Includes the Sellers Checklist (worth £27)

  • Includes the full library of templates you need to sell your business (worth £500)

  • Includes weekly live Q&A sessions with Emma (Priceless!)



Our Ultimate VIP package includes our Buyers or Sellers Masterclass package PLUS;.

  • You get exclusive access to Emma via Whatsapp and Email.

  • Twelve 1-2-1 live 30 minute accountability and progress tracking zoom calls to be used within 12 months of purchase.

  • For Sellers – A six month listing on sellyourbusinesshub.com



How long is the masterclass?

The Masterclass commences 14 days after payment.  You will be sent your login details immediately and you will have a preliminary task to complete in the interim.

Each module will then become available after 7 consecutive days.  You will have lifetime access to the content.

Do you sell the business for me?

It would be impossible for anybody other than the business owner to sell your business as you know the in’s and out’s of the operation and it’s history.  But we guide you through ensuring you have everything in place to sell your business and ahve weekly call’s to check in and ask questions.

Why do some deals fall through?

Unfortunately, a high percentage of deals fall through.  This is usually due to one of the parties leaking the deal, deal fatigue, being unprepared and lack of knowledge.

That’s why I created the Masterclass to increase the chances of you achieving a successful sale of your business.

Why should I prepare my business for sale before I find a buyer?

Having acquired over 200 businesses, I can tell you that only two of those were actually fully prepared for a sale.  This means it weakens the Sellers power of negotiation and opens a Seller up to a higher chance of renegotiation after due diligence.

Our system uses a reverse due diligence approach so that you can be prepared in advance for any issues that may arise in the sale process.

You will be prepared to answer any potential questions from a Buyer and you can confidently include relevant and valid information about opportunities for a Buyer in your Information Memorandum when you go to market.

It allows you to maximise the price and structure a deal that suits both parties to offer to potential matches.



Nice to meet you!

I am Emma and I cannot wait to help you successfully sell your business and help you to move onto your next adventure

It is my passion to help you exit your business in a way that is supported, easy to understand and ensures you are fully prepared in readiness to pass your business onto a safe pair of hands!